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Sleeve labeling machine

The outer frame of the JB-250 automatic sleeve labeling machine is welded with high-quality stainless steel materials. The aluminum alloy materials of mechanical components are all sandblasted and oxidized. Meet various environmental production requirements. The whole machine is controlled by a programmable controller (PLC), servo motors, servo drives, frequency converters, vision sensors, etc. Advanced mechanical structure and full touch screen control make machine operation easier and more user-friendly. This model meets the production requirements of 15,000 bottles/hour.

Applicable sleeve type
Various bottle types, such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, curved bottles, cups, tapes, etc.

JB-250 automatic sleeve labeling machine parameters
Input power 1.5KW
Input voltage ∮3,380/220VAC
Production efficiency 250 bottles/min (Bottle/min)
Applicable bottle diameter Φ28mm-Φ125mm
Applicable label length 30mm-250mm
Applicable label thickness 0.03mm-0.13mm
Suitable for paper tube inner diameter 5"-10" free adjustment
Host size L2100mm x W850mm x H2000mm